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Detox brunch with Plenish + Pont St

My new year resolutions? More blogging and less dairy - a hopeful experiment to see if it helps clear my skin. Hence, when I received an invitation to try the Ultimate Detox Brunch menu at Pont St, I was pretty excited to wake up to something other than almond milk porridge.

Conceived by executive chef, the delightful Sophie Michell, the menu includes six nutritious (and totally delicious) dishes all paired with Plenish Cleanse juices.

There’s California Eggs Benedict with a chicken patty, spinach, avocado and jalapeño hollandaise paired with a Plenish Kick Juice; a blend of pineapple, chilli, lime and coconut nectar. Then green eggs, chia pots and an amazing sour cherry, pistachio and coconut oil roasted wheat-free granola served with Plenish almond milk. Hands down, the best tasting almond milk I’ve tried.

Plenish Cleanse founder, the charming Kara Rosen, gave an inspirational chat about how she started the business after suffering health problems herself. She doesn’t just create vitamin packed vibrant cold-pressed juices - this female entrepreneur won Best New Brand at the World Beverage Innovation Awards and runs a series of Power Brunches at Whole Foods.

"Prep, prep, prep", was her best healthy eating strategy. "Breakfast is your most vulnerable time." I practice a relaxed 80:20 healthy eating policy. Juice cleanses and strict diets are definitely not for me, and this brunch menu doesn’t leave you feeling restricted in any way. There's carbs for goodness sake!

Special mention to the location, the beautiful heated terrace at the Belgraves Hotel. This secret garden would make the perfect party venue.

Laura x


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