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Le Dolce Vita at an Art Deco hotel in Italy

The glamour of the Art Deco makes it my favourite era, and it's always a treat to see some original architecture or design from the time...particularly if it involves a cocktail! So whilst this isn't an official hotel review, I wanted to share some photos from a stylish hotel I discovered last weekend in Florence.

Maison du Sage sounds rustic, but step inside the converted historic building back to a time of Italian glamour. The hotel does actually share the building with apartments, making the hotel corridors feel quite illicit hidden behind locked doors.

The furniture is the real starlet here with lacquered maple curved seats and bookcases spilling with vintage mystery books lining the corridors. Walls are painted rich coral and jewel berries - a sophisticated take on the traditional Tuscan red. Antique Vogue covers and modern art adorn the walls.

Inside the room, a giant headboard in a sunset curve greets you. Our bed was in fact huge - an emperor. We felt tiny! And because there are shutters to blackout the street lighting, we slept fantastically well. There was even a curved window inside our shower, which was itself tiled inky black for a decadent feel.

Our stay was short but sweet, the Italian way - with complimentary apertivo in the bar (Campari for me) and a buffet breakfast overspilling with Italian pastries. Le Dolce Vita!


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